Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

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As Hemp-derived products have been legalized almost everywhere, It has become a common remedy for All-natural health and wellness among people. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a naturally produced chemical that is found in cannabis plants. It’s Usually extracted from Weed/Marijuana plant, unlike THC. It has no harmful side effects like hallucinations, Zip, zero, or zilch. Although it does contain some healing properties, it is good for multiple health issues.

Uses Of CBD

CBD can be used in many sorts of remedies:

  • Treat serious medical conditions
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Helps with Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • High blood pressure

Though CBD products can be found in the market but finding the best quality at a good price isn’t easy. For that many companies that make CBD products offer monthly subscriptions so that people could easily avail high-quality hemp-derived products delivered right at their doorstep. Our team has well researched and shortlisted the Best CBD Subscription Boxes that you could avail of in the UK.

Best CBD Subscription Boxes [Listed]

Serenity Box Co Serenity Box Co


Buducan Buducan


Our Remedy Our Remedy


Happy Hemper Happy Hemper


Zatural Zatural


CBD Flower CBD Flower


Naturecan Naturecan


London Botanists London Botanists


Sunday Scaries Sunday Scaries


Budzy Box Budzy Box


Verma Farm Verma Farm


Gold Bee Gold Bee





Best CBD Subscription Boxes [Reviewed]

1) Serenity Box Co

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

After the pandemic, many people have been facing stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Due to that reason CBD products have gained a lot of popularity as a remedy among people. Serenity Box Co is known for its Hemp-derived gummies as it is a full-spectrum and has all organic CBD properties.

They manufacture CBD gummies in a way that people could obtain a maximum amount of benefits from the natural extract. These Gummies come in various flavours so you could get complete benefit from them and enjoy it as well.

What’s Inside The Box?

Serenity Box Co has 3 different types of Boxes

Serenity Starter

If somehow you’re new to serenity or new to CBD products this box is perfect for you. The Serenity Box contains 4-6 premium CBD products that’ll help you to get through your daily life routine. You also receive one month’s CBD oil supply.

Serenity Pro box

This Box is for those CBD users who are well aware of Hemp-derived products and enjoy consuming them. You’re going to receive one month’s supply of higher strength CBD oil and a Dosage of Full-size products.

Serenity Solo

The Serenity Solo Box is specifically for those people who’re willing to use High-strength CBD oil only that is specially made for those people with chronic conditions.

Price & Subscription Plans

The Prices may vary according to the type of box you choose. An average Serenity Starter box may cost you about £65 per month.

2) Buducan

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Buducan is a company that is led by a group of friends, of different ages. Although there is one thing that they all have in common, a desire to live as healthy and energetic life as possible. They make CBD products to keep us going and to help with our daily strains. It is a company that produces high-quality capsules and cosmetic CBD products. Their capsules and other products contain precisely measured doses. Each capsule is infused with 10mg of CBD and 500mg of Cannabis Sativa L. In this way, you could have a perfectly balanced dose every time.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you subscribe to Buducan Monthly Box, Each Month you’re going to receive a box that will contain three single packs of a Buducan Active CBD product. All products are 100% natural and are Lab-tested so you could gain the complete benefit from them.

Price & Subscription Plans

A monthly subscription to the Buducan CBD box would cost you about £35.68. You also have the option to subscribe to 3-month and 6-month prepaid subscription boxes to avail more discounts.

3) Our Remedy

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Our Remedy is another CBD product making a brand that makes natural remedies that anyone could take throughout their life. They’re an award-winning brand that was founded by a woman. Their main goal is to make sustainable and self-care products for people. They believe in healthier hormones, maintaining balance, and being Eco-friendly. All of the products are made in the UK. They are completely Vegan-free and made with Eco-friendly methods.

What’s Inside The Box?

Our Remedy’s CBD subscription service makes it easier for Hemp-derived product users to consume it. Each box contains the following products. Two Bottles Of Mood Swings or Pretty Peaceful With Aluminium Caps In Your Choice Of 500mg Or 1000mg. All their products are in sustainable and recyclable packaging. Another good initiative taken by Our Remedy is they make donations to bloody good periods on every order.

Price & Subscription Plans

Our Remedy subscription Box would cost you about £40.00 per month and free delivery is done within 2-3 days all over the UK.

4) Happy Hemper

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Happy Hemper is a company that offers the best quality CBD products from various brands, that are carefully hand-picked, and delivered to doorsteps. They deliver a large variety of CBD products that include oils, edibles, topicals, capsules, and much more. All products are 100% natural, lab-approved, and vegan-friendly. All of their CBD boxes are designed specifically keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

What’s Inside The Box?

Each box contains CBD products that have worth up to at least £150 in them. Happy Hemper has total 2 subscription boxes.

1) Happy Hemper

It’s a basic entry box and contains 4-6 of the highest quality products on the market. Each box you’ll receive will carry a variety of oils, sprays, capsules, edibles, topicals, and other things.

2) The Happy Hemper Pro

It is going to contain 6-8 of the highest quality products that you could find in the market. This box also contains a wide range of oils, sprays, capsules, edibles, topicals, and other things.

Price & Subscription Plans

An average Happy Hemper Box subscription would cost you about £60 per month and the happy hemper pro would cost you about £70 per month. They have options for subscription periods that could be monthly. 3-month and 6-month.

5) Zatural

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Zatural is a top CBD-producing brand that makes 100% organic and Natural Hemp-derived products. They have a large variety of CBD products that are brought from trusted sources. All Zatural products are tested by third-party labs to make sure that the products are safe and good to go. Zatural has some CBD experts who have all the knowledge to guide a customer on its use. They offer a 30-day return policy if not satisfied with the quality of the product.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you subscribe to the Zatural CBD subscription box, you’ll receive 4-6 Hemp-derived products delivered right at your doorstep. The box may include products like:

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Infused Essential Oil
  • CBD Softgels
  • CBD Body Care

Price & Subscription Plans

The prices may vary according to the subscription plan and product MG you choose. Although Zatural is based in the US it delivers in Uk and other countries as well.

  1. Monthly ~ $79
  2. 3-Month ~ $179
  3. 6-Month ~ $299
  4. 12-Month ~ $480

6) CBD Flower Buds

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

CBD Flower Buds is a cannabidiol brand that aims in producing enhanced Hemp-derived products that CBD enthusiasts would love. All of their Hemp supplies are hand-picked so they could give out the best possible CBD products to their customers. They have rich CBD hemp flowers which are loved by all of the users. All of their products are quite affordable so everyone could enjoy them without worrying about their expenses.

What’s Inside The Box?

CBD Flower Buds offers 2 different subscription boxes.

1) Gold Monthly CBD Cannabis Buds

Gold subscription box includes High CBD Strains, Premium CBD Cannabis & Hemp Flower Buds, 6 Grams of the purist CBD Weed Strains, and 6 x Random CBD Cannabis Buds.

2) Silver Monthly CBD Cannabis Buds

The silver subscription box includes medium, High-CBD strains, Premium CBD Cannabis & Hemp Flower Buds, 3 Grams of the purist CBD Weed Strains, 3 x Random CBD Cannabis Buds.

Price & Subscription Plans

The Gold Monthly Subscription would cost you about £54 per month and the Silver Monthly Subscription would cost you about £29.

7) Naturecan

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

The main aim of Naturecan is to offer high-quality CBD products that’ll help people in leading healthy, happy, and pain-free lives. All of their products are cautiously tested and certified by third-party labs to ensure safety as well as quality. Each product has an analysis certificate on it. Naturecan uses Co2 extraction and Rotachrom methods to obtain the highest quality possible. They have a designated dosage calculator as all users require different amounts of dosage.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you Subscribe to Naturecan CBD oil, you’ll receive a range of CBD oil naturally extracted and free from all harmful chemicals delivered right at your doorstep. The oil subscription will get you CBD oil 30% cheaper than the actual price.

Price & Subscription Plans

An average oil subscription would Cost you about £29.99 per month.

8) London Botanists

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

The London Botanists is a company, run by a family and was founded in 2018. Since its foundation, its main aim was to make it easy to buy Cannabidiol (CBD) products of the very best quality. They take raw materials from trusted sources so there are no chances taken on quality and purity. London Botanists lab tests every product they put up for sale so their customers would’ve complete knowledge about what they’re buying. All customers are updated with the latest news and recommendations related to CBD every month.

What’s Inside The Box?

The London Botanists have two types of CBD subscription Boxes.


This subscription Box includes a great combination of our Full Spectrum CBD oil with one of London Botanists’ handcrafted CBD chocolates delivered straight to the doorstep each month.


This subscription offers an exclusive combination of London Botanists THC Free CBD oil with one of their handcrafted CBD chocolates delivered straight to your doorstep every month.

Price & Subscription Plans

An average London Botanists 3-Month subscription Box plan would Cost you about £105 per month.

9) Sunday Scaries

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

Sunday Scaries Specializes in making remedies for those people who utterly feel low about themselves. It’s hard to live in fear at all times so they’ve made CBD remedies that would help you live a fearless life. They also have a great variety of vegan CBD products so everyone could enjoy them easily.

What’s Inside The Box?

Sunday Scaries has a great variety of products and you can subscribe to any product you want to. You can make your bundle out of Extra strength CBD, GummiesVegan, CBD gummies, CBD candy, CBD oil, and much more.

Although Sunday Scaries has a Rando Bundle that you could subscribe to so you could try different items at the same time. It includes Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, CBD oil, and sugar-coated vegan CBD gummies.

Price & Subscription Plans

The Sunday Scaries Rando Bundle would cost you about $60. Shipping is free on all subscriptions and orders above $48

10) Budzy Box gif maker 21

Budzy Box has specialized premium CBD for millennial women and offers up a great variety of products. All the products lend in various categories, from fashion to lifestyle. Budzy Box has got you covered whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. They have CBD-infused face masks, massage oil and candles, and delicious pancakes that you’d love. Their firm belief is that science is beautiful and should be used wisely in all terms.

What’s Inside The Box?

This Box is best for elevating your experience in CBD as it gives knowledge about CBD with Hemp-derived products. The Budzys monthly subscription box includes wearable patches, nourishing facial masks, feel-good teas, tasty treats, soothing balms, must-have novelties, and a lot more. All of these items will be delivered to your door each month.

Price & Subscription Plans

A Budzy Subscription Box would cost you about $58.99 every month. Shipping is free on all subscription orders.

11) Verma Farm gif maker 22

Verma Farm CBD products are sourced from cannabis Sativa plants that are rich in nutrients. They are grown in the US and have freshness in them in every batch. They have products that go with all lifestyles. From humans and dogs, they have advanced products for all. All of their products are free from pesticides. Their CBD gummies are 100% authentic and have a Hawaiian touch to them. Verma Farm makes CBD products that are simple and Chef-inspired.

What’s Inside The Box?

When You Subscribe to Verma Farms, You get a 25% discount on all your orders. They have a great variety of products like CBD gummies, oils, topicals dried fruit, and capsule. They also have specific products for pets that are CBD for furry friends. Verma has a 3 item bundle pack for each product they have that you could subscribe to.

Price & Subscription Plans

An average Verma Farm monthly Subscription Starts From $39.99 and can go up depending on your selection of products and bundles. Shipping charges are going to vary according to the location you want your order to be delivered.

12) Gold Bee gif maker 23

All the hemp Gold Bee uses to make the CBD oil comes from Californian farms. They make a premium MCT oil base which is packed together with all the care and attention resembling a bee’s efforts. The CBD final product goes through a lengthy process and efficiency to make it perfect before it’s ready to use. All the Hemp-derived products are grown with the organic farming process which makes them highly pure and free from all harmful chemicals.

What’s Inside The Box?

Gold Bee offers a Subscription on CBD (Full Spectrum extract) oil which is available in natural (No-Sweet) and honey-infused flavours. You Could either subscribe for a single bottle or you could subscribe for a pack of 2 or a pack of 4. The pack would cost you cheaper than the single one.

Price & Subscription Plans

The prices may vary according to the MG bottle you go for or the subscription package you choose. The pack of 2 Gold Bee CBD oil subscriptions would cost you about $181 per month. Shipping costs will be charged depending on your shipping location.

13) PlusCBD gif maker 24

PlusCBD was found by CV Sciences. They believe better health is a key to a promising life and a more promising future. They challenged the current trend and they turned a controlled substance into a revolutionary wellness ingredient. They believe that the immeasurable value of physical and mental health changes us every day. For that, PlusCBD created unique remedy products that can help you have a happier, healthier life.

What’s Inside The Box?

The PlusCBD Immune Support Bundle includes:

  1. CV Acute Intensive Immune Support (Non-CBD Formula)
  2. CV Defense Daily Immune Support (Non-CBD Formula)

Price & Subscription Plans

A PlusCBD Immune Support Bundle subscription would cost you about $59.99 per month. Shipping would cost you about $4.99 on every order.

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