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Evans Cycles Review – One-Stop Shop For Bikes

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Evans Cycles is one of the UK’s largest electronic cycle retailers. They have a wide range of standard bikes and electric bikes including mountain bikes and specialized bikes in their online store. So, if you’re looking for top-quality premium bikes, Evans Cycles is the best place to shop. Read this Evans Cycles review to learn more about them.

The first shop of F.W Evans Cycles was founded in 1921 at Kennington Road in southeast London. After trading from that site for 31 years, Evans Cycles has a strong reputation built and is well known as a quality cycle shop. They mainly got fame after making their very own frames and bikes. During the year 1925, Evan Cycles were even awarded by CTC (Cyclist touring club) for bringing the greatest advancement in cycle configuration, construction, and equipment.

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Evans Cycles stores have a wide range of bikes, parts, accessories, and clothing as well. They also offer full accommodation of bike services and repairs for their customers. Evans Cycles stores have been awarded many times. Their stores are the heart and soul of the company. The people working at Evans Cycles stores are Cycle enthusiasts themselves and they are well-trained to have a complete understanding of guiding the customers.

Evans Cycles Online Shop

The first-ever Evans Cycles transaction was done in 1999 and initially started the online cycle business. Since that, the Evans Cycles website has been expanding and evolving every day. Evans Cycles currently has 150+ brands.

They keep adding features and functionality to keep up with the latest trends and customer demands. All the Evans Cycles stores around the UK are connected to the online website, making the hunt for bikes one click away.

Following are the cycles and other services you can shop for at Evans Cycles

Cycling Brands At Evans Cycles

Evans Cycles is one of the biggest retailers of bikes and has various brands that you can shop from. Following are some top brands that you can find at Evans Cycles.

  • Specialized
  • Trek
  • Cannondale
  • Brompton
  • Pinnacle
  • Norco
  • Hoy
  • Raleigh

Evans Cycles – Bikes

At Evans Cycles, explore the possibilities of cycling and immerse yourself. They have over 90 years of experience in helping bikers find their perfect ride.

Evans Cycles Review

Following is the range of bikes Evans Cycles currently have.

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Kid bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Touring bikes
  • TT bikes
  • BMX bikes
  • Scooters

Road Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Road bikes are the ideal choices for cycling on smooth surfaces that are made of asphalt. The road bikes at Evans Cycles create a delicate balance between accuracy, skill, and speed. They have a wide range of road bikes for both, men and women that you can choose from.

Evans Cycles road bikes come in various styles and configurations. They offer endurance road bikes, designed for long-distance riding and comfort, as well as race-oriented models for those seeking speed and agility. Furthermore, Evans Cycles also provides a selection of women-specific road bikes, designed with geometry and components tailored to female riders.

Mountain Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Evans Cycles has a huge range of mountain bikes for sale. You can choose from dozens of the best MTBs from well-known UK brands. They also have an adult mountain bike range for both men and women in various sizes.

For riders who prefer more aggressive trails and challenging descents, Evans Cycles provides trail and enduro mountain bikes. These bikes feature longer travel suspension, slacker geometries, and more robust construction to handle rougher terrain and jump. Mountain bikes are built to withstand the demands of extreme downhill riding, with long-travel suspension, strong frames, and powerful brakes.

Hybrid Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Hybrid bikes are the ideal choice for commuting and enjoying. These bikes are a perfect alternative to road bikes and mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes are much more suitable for generally cycling around.

One of the standout features of Evans Cycles hybrid bikes is their versatility. These bikes are specifically engineered to combine the best elements of road bikes and mountain bikes, resulting in a well-rounded and adaptable ride. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring city streets, or taking a leisurely ride on mixed terrain, a hybrid bike from Evans Cycles can handle it all.

Kid Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Evans Cycles also has a great range of bikes specifically made for kids. They have a vast collection for both boys and girls in a variety of colors. Evans Cycles kids’ bikes are their commitment to safety.

These bikes are designed with the specific needs and proportions of children in mind. They come with appropriately sized frames, smaller wheels, and lower standover heights to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for young riders. Safety features such as reliable brakes, robust frames, and durable components are prioritized to provide parents with peace of mind.

Gravel & Cyclocross Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Cyclocross and Gravel bikes are quite similar but they have some key differences. Gravel bikes have no limitations but on the other hand, Cyclocross bikes have a limit of 33mm tires.

Cyclocross bikes, on the other hand, are designed specifically for racing in off-road conditions, typically on a mix of grass, dirt, mud, and obstacles. These bikes feature a lightweight frame and fork construction, aggressive geometry for nimble handling, and high-clearance frames to prevent mud build-up. Evans Cycles offers a range of cyclocross bikes from reputable brands that meet the demands of competitive riders.

Folding Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Folding bikes are the most preferred bikes for cycling commuters. These bikes are easy to fold, ride, and transport. You can use these bikes for either small rides or long rides as they can be folded and kept in small spaces.

Folding bikes from Evans Cycles are designed to be lightweight and agile, making them easy to maneuver through congested city streets and busy public transportation hubs. They often feature smaller wheel sizes, which provide improved acceleration and maneuverability, particularly in tight urban spaces.

Touring Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

If you’re looking for going on long-distance rides and explore more, touring bikes are the best choice for you. They are ideal for climbing hills while enjoying the scenery and also have a comfortable ride.

Touring bikes from Evans Cycles often feature mounting points and provisions for racks, panniers, and other accessories. This allows riders to carry their gear and belongings efficiently, making them ideal for self-supported or fully-loaded touring. Additionally, touring bikes may come with fender mounts and clearance for wider tires, enabling riders to tackle various road conditions and terrain types.

BMX Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

BMX bikes are the best rides that you can enjoy while cycling. They have small wheels with bigger abilities that enable cyclists to show off their stunts.

Evans Cycles BMX bikes are designed with features that enhance performance and handling. They often feature smaller, sturdier wheels with wide, grippy tires for precise control and traction during tricks and jumps. The bikes may also have reinforced components like forks, handlebars, and cranks to withstand the impact of landing jumps and tricks.


Evans Cycles Review

The best alternative for bikes is scooters in busy cities for commuters. At Evans Cycles, they have a wide range of scooters from kids to adults that you can choose from.

Scooters have gained popularity in recent years as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. They are especially popular in urban areas where short commutes and efficient maneuverability are highly valued. Scooters are often used by commuters, students, and anyone looking for an alternative to walking or driving a car for short distances.

Evans Cycles – Electric Bikes

E-bikes also known as Electric bikes are the preferred cycles of the new generation. Evans Cycles has a great variety of electric bikes from top-notch brands that you can shop from. They have e-bikes of different categories, sizes, and pricing so you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Evans Cycles Review

Following are the categories of Electric Bikes at Evans Cycles

  • Electric Mountain Bikes
  • Electric Hybrid Bikes
  • Electric Road Bikes
  • Electric Folding Bikes
  • Electric Scooters

Electric Mountain Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Electric mountain bikes are the ideal choice for those people who love to explore different locations and terrains but need a little support to get there. The electric motor equipped on these bikes provides additional energy while pedaling.

Electric mountain bikes combine the agility and versatility of traditional mountain bikes with the added assistance of an electric motor. The electric motor helps riders tackle challenging terrain, climb steep hills, and cover longer distances with less effort. This makes e-MTBs a popular choice for riders who want to explore trails and mountains while enjoying the thrill of off-road cycling.

Electric Hybrid Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

In modern times, Electric hybrid bikes have become quite popular among bike enthusiasts. They are very convenient to use and the best alternative for short rides or going to work.

Electric hybrid bikes are designed to provide a versatile and efficient riding experience, making them suitable for various purposes such as commuting, recreational riding, and light off-road use. They feature a blend of characteristics from both road bikes and mountain bikes, resulting in a comfortable and practical ride for different terrains and conditions.

Electric Road Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

If you like traveling long distances but don’t want to put in the extra effort then electric road bikes are the best choice for you. These bikes will help you cut your travel time and reserve your energy.

Electric road bikes, also known as e-road bikes or electric-assist road bikes, combine the speed and efficiency of traditional road bikes with the added assistance of an electric motor. These bikes are designed to provide a seamless and exhilarating ride, especially for longer distances, challenging terrains, or riders who may want an extra boost.

Electric Folding Bikes

Evans Cycles Review

Electric folding bikes are a two-in-one package in terms of convenience. These bikes are easy to ride and easy to store at the same time, making life much simpler.

These bikes combine the convenience and portability of folding bikes with the added assistance of an electric motor, making them a practical and efficient option for urban commuting and traveling. Electric folding bikes are designed to be compact, lightweight, and easily foldable, allowing riders to store and transport them with ease. The electric motor provides pedal-assist power, helping riders conquer inclines, cover longer distances, and navigate through urban environments effortlessly.

Electric Scooters

Evans Cycles Review

You can find a great range of electric scooters for sale at Evans Cycles. People who like to show off a bit while going from one place to another can travel effortlessly at good speeds.

Electric scooters have gained significant popularity as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. They are particularly well-suited for short commutes, urban travel, and last-mile connectivity. Electric scooters typically feature rechargeable batteries and electric motors, providing users with an efficient and enjoyable riding experience.

Evans Cycles – Clothing

There are different types of cycling and each of them requires different clothing. At Evans Cycles, you can make sure to get the right cycling clothing tailored according to to suit your ride. You’ll find all types of clothes to cover your needs while cycling. Whether you’re cycling to work or riding competitively, at Evans Cycles you’ll find it all.

Evans Cycles Review

The following are the basic clothing you can find at Evans Cycles

  • Jerseys
  • Shorts and Bibshorts
  • Soft Shells
  • Jackets and uppers
  • Tights & Trousers
  • Gilets & Vests
  • Casual Clothing
  • Kids Clothing
  • Triathlon
  • Base Layers

Within the outfits section, you’ll also find some other clothing necessities at Evans Cycles.

Clothing Accessories

Other than uppers and lowers in Cycling clothing, clothing accessories are also important. They ensure to have a safer and more comfortable ride. You can also improve your performance while commuting with the help of cycling clothing accessories.

Evans Cycles Review

Following are the clothing accessories you can find at Evans Cycles

  • Gloves and mitts for better grip
  • Arm and leg warmers
  • Hats, caps, and neckwarmers
  • socks
  • glasses and goggles for better vision
  • Armour and pads for safety
  • Pollution masks

Bike Shoes

Like basic clothing and other accessories, shoes also play a key role while cycling. Shoes ensure that you commute easily and also comfortably. You can enhance the quality and efficiency of your ride with the right pair of shoes. Evans Cycles has a great range of shoes from various brands for both men and women. You can either shop for ready-made shoes or even tailor them for the best fitting.

Evans Cycles Review

Following are the types of shoes at Evans Cycles

  • Road Shoes
  • MTB Shoes Clipped
  • MTB Shoes Flat
  • Overshoes
  • Shoe Spares and Accessories

Bike Helmets

No matter what kind of bike you’re riding, safety comes first. In all cases, you have to keep your head safe. Experienced cyclists understand that accidents happen often and in that case, wearing a helmet is very important. Evans Cycles have a range of helmets for both men and women which can be altered to your suitable fit.

Evans Cycles Review

Following are the helmets for different cycling purposes you can shop for at Evans Cycles

  • Road and commuting helmets
  • MTB Helmets
  • Full Face helmets
  • Triathlon and TT helmets
  • Kids helmets

Evans Cycles – Accessories

Bike necessities like gear, saddle, and spare parts, are essentials for cycling but there are some accessories that make your cycling experience more exciting. Evans Cycles has a wide range of accessories for various bikes including accessories for road bikes, mountain bikes, kid bikes, and other bikes. Evans Cycles has divided accessories into the following categories.

Evans Cycles Review
  • Technology
  • Lights
  • Mudguards
  • Turbo trainers
  • Lock And Security
  • Luggage
  • Travel and shortage
  • Hydration
  • Children transport


With the evolving technology, cycling can be enhanced by using some tech accessories. These accessories are used by cyclists for guidance and multitasking while commuting.

Evans Cycles Review

The computer accessories give an estimate of how much you traveled and how long it took to reach a destination. Tech accessories like GPS help you in finding the best routes. Phone or device holders keep you connected with the world on your journey.

Tech accessories at Evans Cycles include the following items.

  • GPS Cycle Computers & Watches
  • Non-GPS Cycle Computers
  • Cycle Computer Accessories
  • Power Meters
  • Phone Cases & Mounts

Bike Lights

Evans Cycles Review

While traveling on a bike, make sure you can clearly see the road ahead of you. Lights are very important equipment to have while cycling at night. Whether you’re looking for standard lights, rear lights, or a full set of bike lights, Evans Cycles has them all.

Following are the bike lights that you can shop for at Evans Cycles

  • Light Sets
  • Front Lights
  • Rear Lights
  • Helmet Lights
  • Light Brackets and Accessories



Protect yourself from dirt and stay dry by using mudguards. To keep your clothes spray-free on your way to work, use mudguards while touring and commuting. Find the perfect sets of mudguards from top brands including Mudhugger and Topeak at Evans Cycles.

Following are the type of Mudguards available at Evans Cycles.

  • Mudguard Sets
  • Rear Mudguards
  • Front Mudguards

Turbo Trainers

Evans Cycles Review

If a person likes to commute in-home or for some reason can’t go outside can use turbo trainers. Whether you’re in the office or at home, With these trainers you can maintain your fitness. Turbo trainers keep track of your performance and you can also minimize the resistance.

Turbo Trainers that are available at Evans Cycles are:

  • Smart Trainers
  • Rollers
  • Trainer Accessories and Spares

Bike Locks & Security

Evans Cycles Review

Keep your bike safe and secure with heavy-duty bike locks. Locks are the best way to protect your bike when you don’t have it in your sight or leave it in the parking.

  • All Locks
  • D-Locks
  • Chain Locks
  • Cable Locks


Evans Cycles Review

Other than cycling for fun or fitness, people use cycling for traveling. Though in all situations they usually carry their stuff along with them. Bike luggage can make your life easier and more convenient in carrying your stuff.

Following are the luggage/carriers at Evans Cycles

  • Baskets
  • Backpacks & Bags
  • Hydration Packs
  • Saddle & Bar Bags
  • Pannier & Rack Bags
  • Pannier & Bike Racks
  • Brompton Bag

Bike Storage and Frame Protection

Evans Cycles Review

Bike storage can be tricky but can be solved through many options. There are situations in which people aren’t allowed to bring their ride inside or sometimes they don’t want to. In these situations, you should use waterproof covers on bikes left on open grounds. In this way, you can protect your bike and bike frame from many elements.

Following are the storage and travel accessories at Evans Cycles

  • Car Bike Racks
  • Bike Storage
  • Bike Bags & Transport


Evans Cycles Review

Keeping yourself hydrated while cycling is very important. On long journeys, make sure you keep drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated. For that, cycling water bottles are the best option. They are light in weight and kept in an easily accessed frame-mounted holder.

Following are the accessories you can shop to keep yourself hydrated at Evans Cycles.

  • Bottle Cages
  • Water Bottles
  • Hydration Packs

Child Seat

Evans Cycles Review

Shop for child, baby, and toddler bike seats so you can ride along with them. If you’re willing to share your enthusiasm with your kid then attack these bike seats and ride along.

Following are the child transport accessories at Evans Cycles.

  • Child seats
  • Child Trailers

Bike Components

Some bike components are uniform and some are in continuous motion. For particular uses, special components are required. Different parts are required for road bikes and different parts for mountain bikes. They’re mainly equipped to build strength and surpass limits.

Evans Cycles Review

Bike components at Evans Cycles are divided into the following categories.

  • Wheels and Hubs
  • Tires and Tubes
  • Pedals and Cleats
  • Drivetrain
  • Controls
  • Seatings
  • Bike frames

Wheels & Hubs

Bike Wheels

Evans Cycles Review

The best upgrade you can make to your bike is a new and fresh set of wheels. Bike wheels come in different sizes and they are frequently coming in lightweight. At Evans Cycles you’ll find all tire options, whether you want to increase the strength of your mountain bike or reduce the weight of your road wheels.

Following are the Bike Wheels at Evans Cycles

  • All Wheels
  • Front Wheels
  • Rear Wheels

Bike Wheel Hubs

Evans Cycles Review

The actual foundation of a wheelset is Bike Wheel Hubs. The free movement of a wheel is totally dependent on a hub with decent bearings that have elements well sealed on it. At Evans Cycles, you’ll find wheel hubs of brands like Shimano and Hope that are well-known within the UK.

Following are the Bike Wheel Hubs at Evans Cycles

  • Hubs
  • Wheel Rims
  • Wheel Spokes
  • Wheel Spares & Accessories

Tyres & Tubes

Bike Tyres

Evans Cycles Review

Choosing the right pair of tires can be a bit hectic. It completely depends on what kind of bike you have and where you’re planning to go. So if you’re a diehard roadie or an MTB fan, your problem is already solved at Evans Cycles.

  • Road Tyres
  • MTB Tyres

Bike Tubes

Evans Cycles Review

Tyre getting caught at the side of the road can be frustrating and you can patch up a puncture. Although the easiest way is to fit a new tube while you’re out. Evans Cycles has a stalk for all sizes of various bikes including mountain bikes, hybrids, and a specific road bike.

  • Inner Tubes
  • Tubeless Setup

Bike Pedals

Evans Cycles Review

Looking for a good pair of pedals. Personal preference and comfort are all that matter when it comes to choosing a pedal. At Evan Cycles, you’ll find pedals from top brands including Shimano, Speedplay, Garmin, and more. Whether you go for clipless pedals or standard pedals, Evans Cycles has them all.

Following are the Bike Pedals at Evans Cycles

  • All Pedals
  • Flat Pedals
  • Combination Pedals
  • Cleats & Pedal Spares
  • Road Pedals
  • MTB Pedals

Drivetrain Components

Evans Cycles Review

Drivetrain parts are solitary parts of a bike but play a key role while cycling. They’re a group of e-bike parts that interact with the engine to get wheels and other numerous parts in motion.

Following are the Drivetrain Components at Evans Cycles

  • Bottom Brackets
  • Brake & Gear Cables
  • Cassettes
  • Chainrings
  • Chains
  • Chainsets & Cranks
  • Derailleur Hangers
  • Derailleurs & Mechs
  • E-bike Spares
  • Groupsets

Bars & Stems

bars and stems

The better the Bars & Stems mean the better commuting. Upgrade your bike with advanced controlling components at Evans Cycles. Cyclists who like to go on off-roading or bikers who take part in competitions require advanced controls for their rides.

Following are the Bars & Stems types of equipment at Evans Cycles

  • Grips and Bar Tape
  • Bar Ends
  • Brakes
  • Handlebars
  • Headsets
  • Forks
  • Stems
  • Shifters


Evans Cycles Review

A Comfortable ride is what every cyclist desires. A Comfy seating arrangement can make your journey more convenient. Especially cyclists who like to take long journeys require a soft and smooth saddle to sit on while riding. At Evans Cycles, they have every type of saddle from top brands that you can choose from.

Following are the seating and bike saddles at Evans Cycles

  • Saddles
  • Seatposts
  • Seat Clamps & Spares


A bike that is maintained well rides well. Keeping the bike maintained and in good riding condition is very important. For maintaining a bike, other than using it carefully you require some maintenance equipment. Evans Cycles have all those maintenance supplies to keep your bike in the best condition.

Evans Cycles Review

Following is the bike maintenance equipment you’ll find at Evans Cycles

  • Tools
  • Pumps
  • Bike Care Supplies

Bike Tools & Tool Kits

Evans Cycles Review

Evans Cycles is the ideal shop for those riders who maintain and repair their bikes themselves. Cycling tools are quite different from the standard tools for different jobs. Every part of a bike requires a different tool.

Following are the Bike tools and tool kits at Evans Cycles

  • All Tools
  • Allen Keys
  • Bottom Bracket Tools
  • Chain Tools
  • Multi-Tools
  • Spanners/Wrenches
  • Bike Work Stands

Bike Pumps

Evans Cycles Review

Bike tires can go flat at any time of the journey and none can predict when it’s going to be. Check out Bike Pumps at Evans Cycles that are light in weight. Use these pumps anytime your tire goes flat and slips into bags easily.

Following are the bike pumps at Evans Cycles

  • Hand Pumps
  • CO2 Inflators
  • Track Pumps

Bike Care Supplies

Evans Cycles Review

Other than tools and pumps, some other bike care supplies are required for maintaining your ride. Like parts maintenance, a bike needs to be cleaned well and lubed for better running. At Evans Cycles, there’s a wide range of bike care supplies that you can shop for.

Following are the Bike care supplies at Evans Cycles

  • Cleaners
  • Lubes and Grease
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Tubeless and Puncture Repair

Evans Cycles Nutrition & Protein

Evans Cycles is a well-known store for cyclists that sells bicycles, and accessories, and offers maintenance services. But did you know they also have nutrition and protein products designed especially for cyclists?

Eating the right foods is really important for cyclists because it helps them perform better, have more endurance, and recover faster. Whether you’re a pro cyclist or just enjoy riding for fun, having the right nutrients can make a big difference in your training and overall cycling experience. That’s why Evans Cycles has a range of nutrition products made especially for cyclists.

Evans Cycle Nutrition

Cycling nutrition products are the best way to boost your performance and maintain energy levels while riding. A cyclist needs to take in the right mix of carbohydrates and proteins by replacing them with electrolytes. Evans Cycles has the right variety of nutritious snacks and drinks to keep you energized.

Following are the cycling nutrition products at Evans Cycles

  • Energy Bars
  • Protein Bars
  • Hydration
  • Recovery Drinks
  • Multipacks
  • All Nutrition
Evans Cycles Nutrition

Saving Money at Evans Cycles


Saving money is always fun while shopping online. The best way of saving money at Evans Cycles is by using vouchers and coupon codes. If you don’t want to spend much on online shopping, then you must check out the amazing Evans Cycles discount at SavingSays.co.uk which can help you to spend less on your purchases. We offer discount codes and vouchers in huge quantities for approx every brand. You can always find promo codes for your favorite brands.

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Sale items

Trying to spend less? Check out Evans Cycles sale items today for grabbing a bargain. Get bikes at a cheaper rate now as some items are on sale for a short span of time. Other than bikes, items like clothing, bike parts, and other accessories are also on sale.

Evans Cycles Returns

Bikes or other items that are purchased online can be returned with a full refund within 28 days. Conditions are that the item requested for return should be unused or tempered. The item has to be returned in its original condition and approval will be done with a valid proof of purchase.

Evans Cycles Customer Reviews

The 2 cycle technicians at St Helens shop (Luke and Joel) were amazing. They were very patient answering all my questions. They even fitted my bike lock and water cage. DAVE GILLIES.
Alfie at the Cheshunt store in Hertfordshire was a great help. Bike was damaged in an accident and Alfie repaired, serviced and got the bike back to me same day. Carl.
Brilliant experience from the Milton Keynes team, excellent advice and knowledge. The colleague really took his time to ascertain my needs and point me in the right direction. Becs.
Great bike for the price, ordered online 9:30pm tuesday delivered 11:00 am thursday. Kept informed throughout the process. No issues well done Evans Cycles. Kevin Wright.
Great price as were on sale. Did have to wait a week for delivery otherwise would have been 5 stars. Julia S.


Evans Cycles is a one-stop shop for cycling enthusiasts. They have a wide range of both, standard bikes and electric bikes. Not just bikes but Evans Cycles also provides services related to bikers including bike clothing, accessories, components, maintenance, and training.

Evans Cycles is a well-known bike retailer and is preferred by many people in the UK. They have in-store outlets and online shopping services as well. It’s loved by so many people because they have various top-notch brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Evans Cycles?

Evans Cycles is a one-stop bike store that is available online and has in-store outlets as well.

Q. What kind of bikes do Evans Cycles have?

Evans Cycles has a wide range of bikes both, standard bikes and electric bikes as well.

Q. What other services do Evans Cycles provide?

Other than bikes, Evans Cycles also provides various services including bike clothing, accessories, maintenance, and training facilities.

Q. Do Evans Cycles provide Free Delivery?

No, Evans Cycles does not provide free delivery.

Q. Do Evans Cycles provide International Delivery?

Yes, Evans Cycles does provide delivery outside the UK and delivery charges will be added according to the order location.

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