Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Best Dog Subscription Boxes

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Best Dog Subscription Boxes – To adopt a dog is easy but it’s quite difficult to keep them happy. Like children, dogs also require all the love, care, and attention from their pet parents. From keeping their toys up to date to keeping their snack cupboard full of treats, proper maintenance isn’t that easy. For that reason, dog subscription boxes can be very helpful in ensuring your dog’s better life.

How Dog Subscriptions Can Be Helpful?

Raising a healthy pet is not a piece of cake and one must responsibly take care of their pets. Similar to the feelings of human beings, dogs also have emotions, they can get sad, happy, or surprised but they can’t channel their feelings properly if not supervised correctly. This could cause the outro of negative reactions from your dog such as biting, barking, digging, and other unusual activities.

In that case, when you sign up for a dog subscription box, you get all the dog necessities delivered to your doorstep every month. The subscription could include their toys, favorite treats, and medicine as well. But the actual question is, which dog subscription box is best and most suitable for you and your pet.

No need to worry because our team has well-researched and shortlisted the best dog subscription boxes that you could avail.

Best Dog Subscription Boxes [Listed]



Butternut Box Butternut Box


BusterBox BusterBox


Protect My Pet Protect My Pet


Roxxi’s Super Box Roxxi’s Super Box


Woof-Box Woof-Box


Vivadogs Vivadogs


WufWuf Box WufWuf Box


BoxDog BoxDog


Pet Treater Pet Treater


Bullymake Bullymake


Pooch Perks Pooch Perks



Best Dog Subscription Boxes [Reviewed]

1) is one of the best dog subscription brands as it has a dedicated feeding plan which is customized according to your dog’s needs. You just have to provide your dog’s age, size, weight, and allergies to them and they will create a unique kibble recipe for your dog. Each month you’re going to receive all the healthy treats and chews to keep your dog well-fed. The Unique of is that they send special scoops and small trays that keep your dog safe from overfeeding.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you subscribe to you’ll receive:

  • Dry foods or wet food made according to a unique recipe just for your dog
  • Also, a menu card that has lots of informative details about the ingredients in your dog’s food and exactly how much to feed them daily
  • Scoops for the right amount of feeding to your pet

Plans and Pricing

Though there are different price sets for different breeds, an average Dog Subscription Plan from would cost you about £13.51 per month.

  1. Toy ~ £13.51
  2. Small ~ £19.25
  3. Medium ~ £27.36
  4. Large ~ £40.24
  5. Giant ~ £56.92

2) Butternut Box

Butternut Box

At Butternut Box, they use high-quality meat and vegetables, gently cooked for making decent, delicious, and proper meals for dogs of all sizes. Their meal recipes do not contain any nasties or grains and are vet-approved. Just tell them about your dog’s age, breed, size, and health conditions so they could sum up plans and prices for you.

They make dog meals that are not only tasty but also help your dogs to lead a healthy life. Their pre-divided meals can be easily squeezed out of the pouches or can be heated before the serving, completely depending on your dog’s preference.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you subscribe to the butternut box, you get to decide what’s going to be on your subscription box. They have a large variety of delicious meats and chicken so you could have a variety to choose from for your dog.

Plans and Pricing

Your subscription plan and box frequency are totally up to you and an average butternut dog subscription box would cost you about £1.42 per month.

3) BusterBox

Best Dog Subscription Boxes

This box is for those dog owners who’re willing to get healthy treats and good-quality toys to keep their dogs happy and joyful. Each BusterBox comes along with healthy treats and some unique toys which are directly sourced from the UK & Ireland. All the boxes are tailored to a different theme every month so your dog could experience something new every time. You’ll receive your package on the 15th of every month right at your doorstep.

What’s Inside The Box?

Each month you’re going to receive a different themed box with different items for your furry friend. You also get a free camera for your dog on your first order.


  1. Earth Protector
  2. Surf Box
  3. Furry Friends
  4. Fetching Clouds
  5. Christmas box
  6. Holloween Box and other themes

Plans and Pricing

BusterBox plans start from £22.99 and they have options for monthly and yearly plans as well.

4) Protect My pet

Protect My pet

As feeding and playing with your dog is important, in the same manner protecting your pet from all types of parasites is also important. Pet owners do care about their pets but not all of them have the experience to treat parasite issues.

For that, Protect My Pet has a service that provides exact doses of flea, tick, and worm treatments when they’re due. You just have to provide their veterinary team with your dog’s information so they could send the right amount of pest treatments when it’s due right at your doorstep.

What’s Inside The Box?

The Protect My Pet Box is going to include items according to your pet’s information and preferences that you have provided. You can select items for flea treatment and worm treatment as your requirement.

Plans and Pricing

An average treatment box from Protect My Pet would cost you about £8.49 per month.

5) Woof-Box


Woofbox is a dog subscription company that offers a selection of tailored, one-time & monthly subscription boxes. All boxes are curated and packed with care by the Woofbox Team according to your dog’s specific requirements. You could either subscribe to the box or order it for special occasions like your pooch’s birthday.

What’s Inside The Box?

A Woof monthly subscription box is full of treats, chews, and toys that your dog would surely love. You can also customize your box with your dog’s preferences and favorite items.

Plans and Pricing

You can choose between 1, 3, and a 6-month subscription plan and an average box would cost you about £24.50 per month.

6) WufWuf Box

WufWuf Box

WufWuf Box is a good mix of eco-friendly dog products that are healthy at the same time. Just tell them about your dog’s size, preferences, and allergies. Each month you’ll receive a box full of high-quality toys and treats for your dog. All of those items are value for money and will surely be loved by your dog. They also have a great variety of themes that you could choose from and enjoy different themed boxes every month.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you subscribe to WufWuf Box, each month you’re going to receive 5 or more items. All of them are high-quality items that include treats, toys, and other surprises that your pooch would love.

Plans and Pricing

The WufWuf monthly subscription Box would cost you about £26.90 per month and you could double your first box. You’ll receive your box on the 15th of every month with the choice of your theme.

7) BoxDog


In this subscription, you get to choose from items such as a dog jacket, a squeaky toy, or a premium leash. At BoxDog, you can choose four items for around $45 a month according to what your dog needs. BoxDog is a good choice for any pet parent who likes to have their boxes delivered in alternate months and prefers curating items for their pup.

What’s Inside The Box?

Sometimes it’s better to know what you’re getting instead of surprises. When you subscribe to The BoxDog subscription box, each month you receive two treats, one skincare item, and two to three toys, clothing, or accessories completely of your choice.

Plans and Pricing

An average box would cost you about $45 and you can skip a box or cancel anytime between your 6-month prepaid subscription box plan. Shipping charges may vary according to your location.

8) Pet Treater

Pet Treater

This dog subscription box is for those pet parents who have their pooches on a special diet and don’t want them to have any surprise unhealthy treats. The Pet Treater offers a choice between a Toy-only bundle or a treats-only bundle. They also offer an option for a deluxe dog pack bundle that has a mix of five to eight curated treats and toys that your dog would love.

What’s Inside The Box?

When you subscribe to Pet Treater you’re going to receive a mix of three to four toys and treats curated just for your pooch. The box would contain products like stuffed animals, chew toys, and rope pulls to keep your furry friend entertained all the time. If you’re willing to have an only-treat or only-snack box then you’ll receive 3-4 snack or toy items each month according to your choice.

Plans and Pricing

The Pet Treater monthly subscription box would cost you about $15 per month and the only treat or toy one would cost you about $15 per month.

9) Bullymake


This subscription box is for those pet parents who have aggressive dogs who usually tear their toys into shreds. Bullymake is a brand that makes toys for aggressive chewing dogs. These toys are hard and high-quality that won’t be torn when your dog chews them. For instance, if your toy gets damaged the company provides a replacement in exchange for your damaged toy’s photo. Although Bullymake costs more than the usual dog subscription but the quality of the toys makes it worth it.

What’s Inside The Box?

Every Bullymake box comes with 2 to 3 chew toys and 3 healthy treats that your dog would love. The company will also provide toys according to your dog’s preferences so your pooch could have a comfortable life.

Plans and Pricing

Bullymake has 3 subscription plans and an average monthly dog subscription box would cost you about $45 per month.

  1. Monthly ~ $45
  2. 3-month ~ $36
  3. 6-month ~ $34
  4. 12-month ~ $31

10) Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks subscription box is for those parents who’re on a budget for their pups. You can either avail treat only monthly box or you can also get boxes that include both premium-made toys and premium-made treats. Pooch Perks also gives their customers an option for tailoring their boxes according to their preferences. In addition, all the toys and treats you’ll receive would cost you less than what you usually pay in stores.

What’s Inside The Box?

You may include 5 to 6 surprise items for your pooch, depending on the box you choose. You can also tailor the toys based on your dog’s preferences, breed, and size.

Plans and Pricing

Pooch Perks has a total of three plans in option.

  1. Popular Pooch – for small dogs ~ $33.99
  2. Pampered Pooch ~$49.99
  3. Toys only ~ $25.99
  4. Treats Only ~ $20

11) Roxxi’s Super Box

Roxxi's Super Box

Roxxi’s Super Box is a certified, Defra-licensed dog food company that specializes in making delicious and healthy treats for dogs so they could enjoy and stay active at the same time. If you are willing to feed your dog with treats made from free-range, organic, and grain-free ingredients then Roxxi’s Super Box is a good choice for you. You just have to register yourself on their Superdog account and enter the details of your dog to subscribe.

What’s Inside The Box?

The Roxxi’s Super Box may contain a selection of delectable treats, meaty pastes, and natural chews that your dog would definitely fall in love with. You could choose the options from the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Super Boxes according to your choice.

Plans and Pricing

The Roxxi’s Super Box would cost you about £19 per month and it would contain 3 packs of treats, delivered to your doorstep every month.

12) Vivadogs

Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Vivadogs is also a dog subscription brand that makes pet gift boxes full of unique and interesting gifts. The gifts are always fun and hilarious which would surely put a smile on your face. Each month you’ll get to experience something new for your dog. A great initiative taken by Vvadogs is that at least 10% of their profit goes to dog shelters which means you’re going to be helping a dog every time you order something.

What’s Inside The Box?

A Vivadogs monthly box may include 2 innovative and creative toys, 2 organic bags of treats, and an educational product. Vivadogs has an option that you could buy the box on a monthly subscription or order it on your pooch’s special occasion.

Plans and Pricing

Vivadogs monthly subscription would cost you about £8.99 per month that would be shipped right to your doorstep.

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