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Eskute Review – Best E-Bikes In The UK

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E-bikes are like regular bicycles, but with an added electric motor. People who love bicycles often know about e-bikes. One great thing about e-bikes is that they can help you save money. After you buy an e-bike, you don’t have to spend money on public transportation or other expenses like taxes for using it. Interesting? Keep reading the detailed Eskute review.

Moreover, e-bikes can help us stay fit in an enjoyable way. Even though they provide electric assistance, we can still get exercise by pedaling along with the motor. You can adjust how much help you want from the bike, so you can choose to put in more effort if you like. Regular cycling, even with the help of an e-bike, can improve our fitness, make our muscles stronger, and keep us healthy.

E-bikes also make it easier for people who might not have considered cycling before to get active and stay active. At Eskute, you’ll find high-quality new-generation e-bikes. Their e-bikes are best used for commuting and trekking. You can even go for off-road adventures on these bikes. So if you’re looking for high-standard e-bikes with all these qualities, then Eskute is the ideal place to shop for them.

About Eskute

Eskute was founded in 2019 by Alan Chen based on his passion for providing cheaper and eco-friendly bikes to their customers. Eskute is a company that makes electric bikes. Their bikes are made to be comfortable and fun to ride. They have electric motors to help you go faster, and their designs are cool and strong.

With an Eskute bike, you can have a great time riding around while getting some extra help from the electric motor. Not only do they believe that bikes should be affordable but also they aim to provide bikes that play an important role in protecting the environment and commuting towards the future.

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A survey, which was done during the pandemic indicates that the demand for electric bikes has massively increased. Due to that, people started shifting to safer and healthier transportation. Eskute bikes became the top choice and they’ve been growing very fast. They aim to provide the best services and strive to improve their products. Eskute has many options for e-bikes to satisfy its customer’s demands.

Let’s Dig Out Eskute

E-bikes, also known as electric bikes are bicycles that are equipped with batteries and motors. These bikes assist while you push the pedals and require less effort.

Electronically power-assisted cycles will enhance your pedaling power and ability to do more. You can go beyond and explore more than ever. You’ll be able to discover much more before evening reaching your destination point or going out of breath.

Eskute Review

Eskute provides electrically supported mountain and hybrid bikes that will meet your needs that are budget-friendly at the same time. These bikes are suitable for both men and women. You can easily purchase these bikes online and in-store as well with all the specifications provided.

Types of Eskute Electric Bikes

Electric bikes at Eskute have been divided into a total of 6 categories. Following are the types of e-bikes that are available at Eskute.

1) Electric Mountain Bikes

2) Crossbar E-bikes

3) Electric Hybrid Bikes

4) Mid-Drive E-bikes

5) Hub Motor E-bikes

6) Step-Through E-bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

Eskute Review
Nenuto E-Mountain Bike
Eskute Review
Nenuto Pro E-Mountain Bike

Eskute has a total of two ranges in mountain e-bikes which are Netuno and Netuno Pro. They both are built to go on a range and have long-term reliability. You can easily have an enjoyable and overall natural ride. These bikes are designed to enhance your pedaling power. For additional support, these bikes have a motor attached which gives you the freedom to go faster and further. Eskute Mountain Bikes are designed for thrilling off-road rides on challenging trails. With their electric motors, these bikes provide extra power to climb steep hills and rough roads.

The bikes are built with sturdy frames and suspension systems to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. The long-lasting batteries allow for extended adventures and can be easily recharged. It is equipped with reliable brakes and high-traction tires, Eskute Mountain Bikes prioritize safety and control. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Eskute Mountain Bikes offer an enjoyable mountain biking experience and pushes the boundaries of exploration and adventure.

Electric Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes are perfect for the varied landscapes of UK towns and cities. These bikes are suitable for town cycling, trekking, and other activities. Eskute currently has three ranges of electric hybrid bikes including the Wayfarer Electric Bike, Polluno Electric City Bike, and Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike.

Eskute Review
Wayfarer Electric Bike
Eskute Review
Polluno Electric City Bike
Eskute Review
Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Eskute Hybrid Bikes are a combination of regular bikes and electric bikes. They are designed for various purposes like commuting and leisure riding. With an electric motor, they make pedaling easier, especially uphill or on longer rides. These bikes are comfortable, with adjustable features for a personalized fit.

They have reliable brakes and lights for safety. Whether you’re going to work or enjoying a leisurely ride, Eskute Hybrid Bikes provide a convenient and versatile way to travel with a mix of manual and electric power. Also, you can reduce your carbon footprint and pollution with these best commuter electric bikes. If you’re looking to ride faster, keep up with your buddies, and get up to hills easily then these bikes are best for you.

Mid-drive Electric Bikes

Mid-drive electric bikes are built in a way to makes more things achievable. Eskute currently has two ranges in mid-drive E-bike including Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike and Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike.

Eskute Review
Eskute Review

Eskute Mid-drive Electric Bikes are designed with a motor in the middle of the bike. This motor provides consistent power and better balance while riding. These bikes are versatile and can handle different terrains. They have a wide range of gear for efficient riding. With durable construction and long-lasting batteries, Eskute Mid-drive Electric Bikes offer a powerful and enjoyable riding experience.

Both bikes are highly reliable and have an Amazing battery lifetime. You can use these bikes for multiple activities like recreation, exercise, or maybe commuting. The intuitive controls in these mid-drive e-bikes are ideal for riding and exploring more.

Hub Motor Electric Bikes

Eskute Review

Similar to mid-drive bikes, Hub motor electric bikes make things more possible for cyclers. These hub motor-powered bikes are highly reliable and have prolonged battery life at the same time. This category includes three bikes that are Netuno E-Mountain Bike, Polluno Electric City Bike, and Wayfarer Electric Bike.

Eskute Hub Motor Electric Bikes are designed with motors located inside the wheels, providing effortless power assistance. These bikes are easy to ride and offer a smooth and reliable electric riding experience. With intuitive controls and versatility on various terrains, such as city streets and hills, Eskute Hub Motor Electric Bikes are practical and enjoyable. Their durable construction and removable batteries enhance convenience and ensure long-lasting performance for riders.

Step-Through Electric Bikes

The step-through electric bikes are specifically designed for ladies to keep their elegance. You can find three different bikes in this category which are Wayfarer, Polluno, and Polluno Pro electric bikes.

Eskute Review

Even senior citizens and cyclists with limited energy can ride these cycles effortlessly. Those who prefer short journeys can conveniently get on and get off with the help of a low-step frame.

Eskute Step-Through Electric Bikes have a frame design that makes getting on and off the bike easy. They are designed for convenience and accessibility, especially for those with limited mobility. These bikes have powerful motors that provide assistance while riding, making pedaling easier. With adjustable features and safety considerations, Eskute Step-Through Electric Bikes offer a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Crossbar Mountain Bike

Eskute Review
Eskute Review

Climb hills and make your routes from point A to point efficiently with the crossbar electric bikes. These Eskute crossbar bikes currently have Netuno and Netuno Pro electric mountain bikes. Eskute Crossbar Mountain Bikes are made for adventurous off-road rides.

With a strong frame design, they can handle tough terrains. These bikes have reliable suspension systems and grippy tires for a smooth and controlled ride. With a wide range of gears, they offer versatility for different trail conditions. Eskute Crossbar Mountain Bikes are built to provide the excitement and durability needed for mountain biking adventures.

Voyager Mountain Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a bike that’s completely unique and striking to the public eye then the Voyager mountain E-bike is the ideal choice for you.

Eskute Review


  • Name – Voyager
  • Motor – 250w Geared hub
  • Battery capacity – 36V 12.5AH
  • Watt-hour – 450Wh
  • Distance per charge – 44m
  • Gear system – 7 Speed types
  • Weight capacity – 120Kg

This bike looks quite distinct and from a distance, you wouldn’t even know that it is an E-MTB. Voyager mountain E-bike features a classic MTB line, inline batteries, and a rear hub motor. This bike has a very eye-catching style and is loved by many Eskute customers. The Eskute Voyager Mountain Electric Bike is built for exciting off-road adventures.

It has a powerful motor for climbing hills and conquering tough terrains. With a strong frame, comfortable suspension, and grippy tires, it offers stability and control. The long-lasting battery ensures extended rides, and the bike is easy to use with reliable brakes and adjustable features. The Voyager Mountain Electric Bike is ideal for exploring trails and enjoying the thrill of mountain biking with electric assistance.

Eskute E-Bike Accessories

Other than e-bikes, Eskute also supplies a wide range of accessories related to e-bikes that you’ll be needing. You can use these accessories on your electric bike to have a convenient riding Journey. Following are the items that are included in the E-bike accessories section.

  • Batteries
  • Power adapters
  • Bike frame bag
  • Bike saddle
  • Phone holder


Eskute Review

Eskute e-bike batteries are typically removable, allowing for convenient charging both on and off the bike. This means you can easily bring the battery indoors for charging or swap it out for a fully charged spare battery when needed. The removable feature adds flexibility to your rides and minimizes downtime.

Phone Holder

The Eskute e-bike Phone Holder is a practical accessory designed to securely hold your smartphone while riding. It offers a convenient and safe way to access navigation apps, listen to music, or use fitness-tracking applications while on your e-bike.

Eskute Review

Bike Frame Bag

Eskute Review

The Eskute e-bike Bike Frame Bag is a convenient accessory designed to provide extra storage space on your e-bike. It attaches to the frame of the bike, allowing you to carry essential items such as tools, snacks, keys, and personal belongings while riding.

Bike Saddle

Use these Anti-Slip and durable bike saddles for a comfortable journey. In case your original saddle gets damaged or tempered then you can replace it with these bicycle saddles.

Bike Saddle

Chargers/power adapter

Eskute Review

Obviously, if you’re buying an electronic bike then you need to charge it every time you use it. Buy these chargers to keep your bike prepared for the next ride.

Eskute Delivery & Returns

Free Delivery

Experience the joy of free delivery, where you’ll get your desired items straight to your door without any extra fees or charges, making your shopping experience hassle-free and convenient. Delivery in the UK will take 3 to 5 business days to be delivered from the UK warehouse and deliveries in other European countries could take 5 to 8 days to be delivered from the Poland warehouse. Also, You’ll not need to pay import duty, and your order will be delivered through Tuffnells. Currently, Eskute isn’t able to ship products outside of Europe.

Tracking & Change of Address

Eskute will try to deliver your order within 2 business days and after your order has been shipped, you’ll get a confirmation email from Eskute. Moreover, You do not have to pay any fee for changing the address, only before Eksute provides you the tracking number. Once your order has been successfully shipped to the original address, then you have to pay £70 for changing the address. Also, you can track your order directly in your account if you’re already registered at


If the customer is not satisfied with their purchase for valid reasons (other than a change of mind). Just contact their customer service through email within 15 days of receiving the product to get a refund or return.


Eskute gives about 2 years warranty on their bikes. If the customer isn’t satisfied with their bikes or finds any kind of faults then Eskute is going to cover most problems from the system and defects from the factory. The warranty will automatically expire if any unauthorized or unnotified changes are made. If any changes are made, You have to notify Eskute about the modifications you made after the purchase.

Saving Money at Eskute


Saving money is always fun while shopping online. The best way of saving money at Eskute is by using vouchers and coupon codes. If you don’t want to spend much on online shopping, then you must check out the amazing Eskute discount at which can help you to spend less on your purchases. We offer discount codes and vouchers in huge quantities for almost every brand. You can always find promo codes for your favorite brands.

Reward Program

The main goal of Eskute is to get as many people pedaling as possible. You automatically become a part of Eskute’s reward program when you create an account. When you sign up for their reward program you will earn points and cash vouchers on your future orders. Following are the ways of earning points in the eskute reward program.

Eskute Review
  • Signup to get 500 Eskute points
  • Every time you place an order you’ll get 5 Eskute points on each £1 Spent
  • Also, get points on your special day
  • Share on your Facebook profile to get 200 Eskute points
  • A Like on Facebook counts as 200 Eskute points
  • Follow Eskute on Instagram and gain 200 points

Signup For Newsletter

Signup for Eskute’s newsletter and you’ll receive early promotions and sales about the latest products directly to your inbox.

Sale Items

Eskute is offering a few bikes at a lesser price than in their store. You can get e-bikes at the following price also.

  • E-bikes under £1500
  • E-bikes under £2000

Eskute Reviews from Customers

It’s been just over 1 year since I bought eskute voyager and I must say this company still excellent with there responce to any and all enquiries. Edward McNamara.
The bike is gorgeous, huge (size XL), the packaging is excellent and the shipment was fast. Riccardo.
What a fantastic machine from a fantastic company, 10 stars if poss the bike is solid comfy and sure footed an gives you tonnes of faith as you ride. Ste Matthews.
Good service, packed well, loads of padding for protection, would recommend to friends and family. Edward Wain.


Eskute review carriers almost every single piece of info from the brand that is one of the best electric bike stores. They sell e-bikes online and in-store as well. They have a great variety of e-bikes including Mountain e-bikes, E-Hybrid bikes, Step through e-bikes, and much more. Those bikers who’re fond of e-bikes are well aware of Eskute products and their services. Eskute makes high-quality, premium e-bikes, and all its customers love them. Thank you for reading the complete Eskute review, we’re sure that you’ll get enough info to buy the best e-bike for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Eskute?

Eskute is an e-bike store and they make all kinds of electric bikes.

Q. What type of Bikes does Eskute have?

Eskute has many types of e-bikes including E-mountain bikes, E-hybrid bikes, hub motor e-bikes, Crossbar bikes, and more.

Q. How can I save at Eskute?

You can save some amount on your total bill through coupons at Eskute. You can find the best Eskute coupons at These coupons are available 24×7 so you can redeem them anytime you want.

Q. Does Eskute offer free shipping?

Yes, Eskute does offer free shipping. All orders that are within the UK have free delivery. Orders that are outside the UK but within European countries also have free delivery.

Q. Does Eskute offer international shipping?

No, Eskute does not offer international shipping. Shipping outside European countries is not currently available.

Q. What are the payment methods at Eskute?

You can choose to pay at Eskute from 6 different methods. You can pay at Eskute through American Express, Apple Pay, Klarna, MasterCard, Paypal, and Visa.

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